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The main aim of the research project “Construcción / reconstrucción del mundo precolombino y colonial en la escritura de mujeres en México (siglos XIX-XXI)” [‘Construction / reconstruction of the pre-Columbian and colonial worlds in women’s writing in Mexico (19th-21st centuries)’ – CORPYCEM] is to pursue a line of research  namely, the recovery of the indigenous and colonial past as a symbolic or argumentative model from the perspective of women’s writing, through a historical or gendered approach. While little attention has been paid to this specific line of research in studies on the topic, we view it as an essential tool to discuss identity issues in contemporary Hispanic American literature.

Our research focuses on the Mexican context to extensively cover the women writers and works that make up our corpus, where we also aim to include little-known or forgotten texts by Mexican and other women authors writing in Mexico from the 19th century onwards.

Given the diversity of the corpus to be analysed, studied and catalogued, much of which is available on this website, limiting the number of sources becomes a methodological imperative. To this end, our sources are arranged both chronologically (with a view to understanding the sociocultural context of the texts) and by genre (poetry, fiction, drama and essay). All in all, we wish to contribute to humanistic, literary and historical research, with a focus on women’s writing in Mexico, through a number of research works that provide a systematic account of how the pre-Columbian and colonial past is present in such writings.

The research team is made up of lecturers specialising in the topic, from the UA and other Spanish universities. Our comprehensive work plan also allows partners from European and American universities to collaborate with us, particularly Mexican researchers with expertise in our object of study. We are also assisted by a considerable number of young researchers with proven skills in textual analysis and documentary search.

It is worth noting that our research team’s line of work, concerning the recovery of the pre-Columbian and colonial past in Hispanic America in the 20th century, was consolidated as a research unit in 1999 and has been largely linked to successive national projects approved over more than 15 years (MEC PB 98-0982, MCYT BFF 2002, MEC/HUM2005-04177/FILO, MCIFFI2008-03271, MCI [FFI2011-25717] and FFI2014-58014-P).

Construcción / reconstrucción del mundo precolombino y colonial en la escritura de mujeres en México (siglos XIX-XXI) (Ref: PGC2018-096926-B-I00)

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