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Departamento de Ciencia de la Computación e Intelgencia Artificial

The UA Polytechnic School’s Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (DCCIA) carries out teaching activity in different degrees of the University of Alicante. Among these, we should mention the computing-related undergraduate degrees, in which more than 20 courses on applied computing such as Programming or Software Engineering, and theoretical computing such as Logic, Discrete Mathematics or Computability Theory and on advanced computing techniques, such as those used in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry or Coding and Cryptology, among others. 

The Department also offers a doctoral degree in Advanced Computing where topics related to the existing lines of research, such as Parallel Computing, Robotics and Artificial Vision are addressed. These lines of research are objectified in five existing research groups in the Department: Parallel Computing, Cryptology and Computational Security, Industrial Computing and Artificial Intelligence, Robot Vision and Robotics, and 3D Vision.



Phone: + 34 96 590 3900
Fax: + 34 96 590 3902

Office hours:

Monday from 9 am  to 5 pm
Tuesday from 9 am  to 2 pm and 3 pm to 5.30 pm
Wednesday to Friday from  9 am  to 2 pm

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Department of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

Universidad de Alicante
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Tel: (+34) 96 590 3900

Fax: (+34) 96 590 3902

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