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PhD Program in Advanced Computing

Access and admission of students

This program of doctorate does not have a period of own formation, thus it accesses directly to the period of research.


As a general rule, have access to who meet any of the following requirements:

  1. The title of Master of the European space of higher education (EEES).
  2. Title of the same level as the previous one, issued by an institution of education in the EEES.
  3. Title obtained in accordance with educational systems outside the EEES, without its approval, but after verification that the title credited a training level equivalent to the corresponding Spanish titles of Master's degree and that empowers the country issuing the title access to doctoral studies.
  4. Having passed 60 credits included in one or more University Masters.
  5. Be in possession of a university degree in graduate or graduate whose duration, in accordance with the rules of Community law is of, at least 300 credits.
  6. Diploma of advanced studies or recognition of minimum research capacity.


The academic Committee of the doctoral program is responsible for the selection and admission of students who meet the access requirements.

For more information on additional criteria for admission please contact the Academic Committee.

It is necessary to apply for admission in the terms and conditions that are established annually and which may be consulted at the web of the EDUA (University of Alicante's Doctoral School)

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