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PhD Program in Advanced Computing

Structure Teachings

To obtain the title of Doctor by the University of Alicante, it is necessary to have completed a training period and a research period. The organized set of all training activities and research programmes leading to the degree is called doctoral program and its definition is the responsibility of the Academic the Program of Doctorate Committee chaired by the Coordinator for the program

Period of Training

This doctoral program does not have an own training period, so direct access to the research period according to the conditions of access and admission.

Period of Research

The period of research covers the development of the Doctoral thesis and ends with the defense before a court that will evaluate the thesis and be granted an overall rating in terms of "Suitable" or "Not suitable".

The doctoral thesis will consist of an original research work developed by the student within lines of research of existing in the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence .

The duration of doctoral studies will be of a maximum of 3 years, full time, starting from the admission of the candidate until the submission of the doctoral thesis. If, after cited within 3 years not was brought the application for deposit of the thesis, the responsible program academic Committee may authorize the extension of this period by 1 year, that could exceptionally be extended by another extra year in conditions that have been established in the corresponding doctoral programme.

It contemplates the possibility, previous authorization of the academic Commission responsible for the program, for doctoral studies to part-time, with a duration of a maximum of 5 years counted from admission to the program until the submission of the doctoral thesis. In this case, the extension may be authorised for 2 years but also exceptionally, could expand by another extra year.

The student admitted to a Ph.d. program will register, annually, of academic tutelage in the Doctoral School of the University of Alicante. Thereafter it acquires the status of candidate.

Once registered the academic Committee will assign the student a Tutor who is responsible for the adequacy of training and research activity to the principles of the doctoral program.

Within a maximum period of six months from your enrollment, the academic Committee will assign the student a Director of PhD thesis which is charge of the conduct of the investigation.

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