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25N. World Day against violence gender 2011


2011 Graphic Campaign Poster





Fernando Gálligo Estévez



Eva Armisen

Posters, leaflets and badges designed by expert Fernando Gálligo and artist Eva Armisen.

Leaflets "Ámame bien" (Love me well): where you can find reflected conduct and emotional life principles for the young and adult population of the University community, using the slogan "Ámame bien". The choice of the phrase relates to the relevant purpose of making creative and productive affective links marked by respect and responsibility.

Conference: Improving relationships

Date: 25th November

Place: Faculty of Arts' Aula Magna. Geography & History Building. University of Alicante

Hour: 12 noon

Speaker: Fernando Gálligo Estévez (Andalusian Institute for Women)

Logo SemáforoPublic universities joined against gender-based violence

From 21st to 25th November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) will broadcast the same message in 17 public universities with identical goal: detect and prevent gender-based violence, through the Red Light Test against gender-based violence.

List of public universities (by regions) that have joined the initiative of the University of Alicante:

Andalusia: University of Almería, University of Huelva

Asturias: University of Oviedo.

Castilla - León: University of Valladolid

Catalonia: Pompeu Fabra University

Extremadura: University of Extremadura

Galicia: University of Santiago, University of Vigo

Balearic Islands: Universities of the Balearic Islands

Canary Islands: University of La Laguna

Madrid: Autonomous University of Madrid

Murcia: University of Murcia.

Navarra: Public University of Navarra

Region of Valencia: University Jaume I of Castellón, University Miguel Hernández of Elche, University of València

Logo SemáforoRed Light Campaign at the University of Alicante

Distribution of table mats with the Red Light Test against gender-based violence at the coffee shop:

  • Social Club I
  • Social Club II
  • Social Club III
  • EPSA (Higher Polytechnic College)
  • Faculty of Science
  • D. Jamón

JD science and societyDissemination lecture series on Science and Society

Date: 28th November 2011

Site: Assembly Hall at the Germán Bernácer Building

Organizes: Office of the Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation


25N. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

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