Transform4Europe- T4E: The European University for Knwoledge Entrepreneurs

Transform4Europe - T4E: The European University for Knowledge Entrepreneurs

01/11/2020 al 31/10/2023

The T4E alliance is a new partnership composed of like-minded universities located in Alicante, Katowice, Kaunas, Saarbrücken, Sofia, Tallinn and Trieste. Despite differences in size, scope and profile, they share a common vision for higher education in Europe. The objective of the project is the creation of a sustainable European University with joint structures of government and administration, forming a strategic network of universities and regional social agents. 



More than 400 participants will take part in the projects of the European University Alliance "Transform4Europe" that starts with the participation of the University of Alicante

Seven universities in different EU countries participate in this initiative that is already underway with proposals for joint study programs, an annual Mobility Week and a series of different teaching modalities to show which are the basic European competences.