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CUDA summer course

III. course of programming on graphics processors computer vision and scientific applications. On 21, 22, 23 and 24 July 2014

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III course of programming scientific applications and computer graphics processors on vision

The University of Alicante one attaches importance very relevant to the training of specialists in the use of GPUs (graphics processing units) for the acceleration of scientific of all types (computers, telecommunications, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, computer graphics and many others) and commercial applications of applicable to all industrial sectors.

The use of these graphics processors of low-cost, traditionally used for entertainment (video games), and available in most domestic computers allows you to troubleshoot in minutes requiring days or large supercomputers.

This workshop is intended to serve to advance the spirit of the above comments and it aspires to become a meeting Forum of our scientists, students and professionals through its development and consolidation in coming years.

The company NVIDIA has awarded the mention of CUDA Teaching Center and CUDA Research Center at the University of Alicante and has set up a laboratory for high performance with cards of last generation that will be used in this course, with a high practical content.

This summer school aims to publicize the potential of unit (GPU) graphics processing and its advantages for the implementation of scientific applications. Familiarize yourself with the most current forms of programming of general purpose on graphics processors: CUDA and OpenCL.

Discover the new trends in the world of Supercomputing and the multiprocessors, as well as assess new trends in Supercomputing: Fusion (AMD), Intel Xeon, Tesla (Nvidia).

Acquire skills in programming with graphics processors that allow acceleration from all kinds of processes in fields as varied as chemistry, medicine, physics, biology, mathematics, computer science and a long etcetera. Promote the use of parallel programming in the University community, given that new generations of processors and graphics cards are committed to exploiting the inherent parallelism in all kinds of problems with high temporal and computational cost.

This summer course will be carried out on 21, 22, 23 and 24 July 2014 at the University of Alicante.