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Meteorological Observatory with a continuous recording in the PN The observatory. It now consists of an automatic weather station data logging weather. Its management is overseen by the UI Laboratory of Climatology Geography AU.

Tracking Station wet and dry deposition of atmospheric particles and gases . It has been carried out in since 1999 as part of a network of deposition of 10 points strategically distributed in the Valencian Community. According to the results of the measuring station can be considered as a background station of air pollution in a Mediterranean environment. It is now a background station in the project "Monitoring of air pollution in urban-industrial environment focused on the discrimination of sources," funded by the Generalitat Valenciana. The station has a total deposition collector and Pinus halepensis on three individuals who performed the washing of branches from the estimated dry deposition on vegetation is also a mast for the location of dosimeters to measure gases located in the nursery that do not require electricity.

Seismic recording unit. The center has a seismic unit vimnculada the Provincial Consortium for the Department of Prevention and Fire Fighting and Rescue Alicante, instrumentation Scientific Services and Support for Research at the University of Alicante and Sciences Department of the Earth.

Laboratory . The center has laboratory facilities to support research and teaching practices in the Natural Park.

Hall of seminars . Classroom up to 25 people with tables for group work and seminars, exhibitions.


Research Station Font Roja Natura UA

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