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The Research Station, Font Roja Natura, is the contribution of the University of Alicante Font Roja Natura center, the result of the agreement signed by the entity with the Department of Environment, Water, Urbanism and Housing of Generalitat Valenciana, Municipality of Alcoy and Caja Mediterraneo, in addition to University of Alicante. The opening ceremony was conducted in late November 2004, including the signing of the agreement that launched this project. The acting University President at that time, Louis Miguel Cereceda, signed for the UA.

In addition, the Department of Environment, Water, Urbanism and Housing for its contribution to the centre by installing the Park offices and other services as is reflected in the resolution of 7 September 2004, of the Department of Economics, Hisenda i Occupation, which is accepted by licensing the use of certain areas of the former Hotel de la Font Roja, located in the area of the Sanctuary Parque Natural de la Font Roja, in the town of Alcoy, to be allocated to the adequacy and implementation of an interpretation center, research and dissemination of environmental values of the natural park of Carrascal de la Font Roja.

Meanwhile, the Caja Mediterraneo offers the services of the Centre CEMACAM Font Roja, mainly for the organization of courses, seminars, meetings and education services and environmental information dissemination.




Research Station Font Roja Natura UA (UA ECFRN)
Cra Font Roja s/n
03 801 ALCOY

Localización Font Roja

At the exit from Alcoy to Alicante, by road N-340, the road going up to the Font Roja is signposted.
The Research centre is located at the Font Roja Natura building next to the Sanctuary , 8 km away from the diversion of the N-340.        

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Imagen Parque Natural Font Roja

Font Roja Natura Research Station UA, UA ECFRN Alcoy

Coordinator : Andreu Bonet Jornet
Tel. 965 330 198

Address postal address to:
Font Roja Natura Research Station UA, UA ECFRN
Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation
University of Alicante
Ap Correos, 99
03080 Alicante