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  Social commitment 

The University promotes social commitment amongst all its students by encouraging them to join our associations and volunteering actions. Also, the environment is one of our priorities.

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Aimed at all students in a situation of personal or family need that may interfere with their studies and require support to overcome it. The programme includes comprehensive attention to the student.

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You can help both in and out the UA. I am sure you will find your place!


The UA wants to contribute with non-polluting means of transport (by bike and on foot) and collective public transport.

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The WSC's mission is to contribute with effective equality between women and men and participation is open to all the university community.

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GREEN campus

The environment is a priority at our campus and the University of Alicante manages this through waste management actions, proposals of consumption improvement and awareness campaigns.

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The UA promotes equality between women and men in the academic scope through gender equality actions.

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Food & Nutrition Advice Centre (ALINUA)

ALINUA contributes to improve the nutritional status through the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge and training in several disciplines related to clinical and public nutrition.

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