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In the university School of Labour Relations of Elda (EURLE), centre ascribed to the University of Alicante, gives and studies the Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources. It treats of an autonomous organism of the City council of Elda, whose tutela academic coordinates the Faculty of Right. 



We go back in September to follow with the period of registration and begin the course!

If you still have not managed your registration, do not concern you: in September go back and there will be time. But, this yes, only until exhausting squares. The office of the EURLE takes holidays in August. And afterwards we will go back with new bríos to begin the course 2017-18. Meanwhile, we remember you that in our web will find all the information that need on the Degree, schedules, Good educational… ¡guides summer!

The professor Eloy Valero obtains the degree of Doctor with a thesis on the Local Police of Elda

The professor Eloy Valero Sánchez has obtained the degree of Doctor after the defence of his thesis doctoral “occupational Health in the local police of Elda”, realised in the department of Psychology of the Health of the UMH and presented in Elche the past 29 July. Directed by the professors Ángel Solanes, Elena Looked and Beatriz Martín of the River, the thesis has received the qualification of “excellent cum laude”. The investigation contains a statistical study of the psychological consequences derivatives of the work of the local police eldense.

The Degree of Labour Relations and Human Resources, a career with a lot of advantages

¿You know that the percentage of occupation of the titled in the EURLE is upper to the average of the ones of the Valencian Community? ¿Labour consultancy, direction and gestión of Human Resources, audit sociolaboral, upper technician in prevention of labour risks, civil servant/to of the public administration? These are only some of the exits. The alumnado of our centre forms with a lot of advantages, that can consult in this web.

It begins the term of matrícula for the course 2017-18: the EURLE offers 50 squares for first course

¿You are between which have decided to study the Degree of Labour Relations and Human Resources in the EURLE? ¡Bienvenido! ¡Bienvenida! From 10 July you can transact your matrícula for the course 2017-2018 in our centre. The students of selectivity with square assigned for 1º (there is a total of 50), as well as those who go to realise other courses, can collect the printed matter in Office to present them in the month of July. To know which documents have to present and which procedure have to follow, goes in in the page registration for course 2017-2018.

"The EURLE gives a university degree of character very practical that can study in Elda"

The doctor and professor José Antonio González, coordinator of Activities of the EURLE, conceded recently an interview to the periodic Valle de Elda, published the past 30 June. "The average of empleabilidad of this career in the EURLE is of the 82 percent, a bit higher that the national average, that is in the 77 percent", remembered, between other things. In case you did not read it then, we reproduce it to you in this web.

Already you can consult the academic calendar of the course 2017-18, the schedules of class and the days of examinations. So that you can program your studies

Program you your studies with antelación, in the EURLE put it to you easy. Already you can consult in this web the dates that more interest you for the course 2017-2018: the academic calendar with the period lectivo and the holidays, the schedule of the classes and the days of the final examinations of each cuatrimestre, as well as the ones of the announcement of July.


University School of labour relations in Elda

Escuela universitaria de Relaciones Laborales
Centro Cívico. Plaza de la Ficia
Avda. de Chapi, 36.
03600 ELDA

Tel: (+34) 965 399 511

Fax: (+34) 965 399 511



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