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  • Objectives of the degree of labour relations and human resources

Objectives of the degree of labour relations and human resources


Degree in industrial relations and human resources from the University of Alicante, which is offered at the EURLE, pursues the following objectives:

  1. Ensure the acquisition of the skills needed to understand the complexity and the dynamic and interrelated nature of the work, addressing in an integrated manner to their legal, organizational, psychological, sociological, historical, and economic perspectives.
  2. Training for the implementation of the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in their professional fields of action.
  3. Train to apply information and communication technologies in its different fields of action.
  4. Train for independent learning new knowledge and techniques.
  5. Training for access to postgraduate studies and further studies of specialization.

All these competencies have been defined taking into account the fundamental rights and equal opportunities between men and women, the principles of equality of opportunity and universal accessibility of persons with disabilities and the values of a culture of peace and democratic values.

University School of labour relations in Elda

Escuela universitaria de Relaciones Laborales
Centro Cívico. Plaza de la Ficia
Avda. de Chapi, 36.
03600 ELDA

Tel: (+34) 965 399 511

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