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Powers of the degree of labour relations and human resources


Title general competencies (GC)

CG1: Ability to critically analyze the issued decisions of economic agents and those involved in labour relations.

CG2: Ability to interrelate the different disciplines that they set labour relations.

CG3: Ability to appreciate the dynamic and changing nature of labour relations at national and international level.

Ng4: Ability to apply knowledge to practice.

CG5: Ability to put in relation the social processes with the dynamics of labour relations.

Ng6: Competence in a foreign language.

CG7: Computer and information skills competencies.

CG8: Oral and written communication skills.


Competencias específicas (CE)

CE1: Ability to develop research projects in the field of employment.

Ne2: Capacity for analysis and Diagnostics, provide support and make decisions regarding organizational structure, organization of work, methods and studies of working times.

CE3: Capacity to participate in the elaboration and design of organizational strategies, developing the Organization's human resources strategy.

CE4: Ability to apply techniques and make decisions in management of human resources (salary policy, selection).

SG5: Ability to lead groups of people.

CE6: Ability to perform functions of representation, negotiation and dispute resolution in different spheres of labour relations.

CE7: Ability to advise trade unions and business organizations, and its affiliates.

Ne8: Ability to assess or manage in employment, hiring and working conditions.

CE9: Capacity to advise and perform management tasks in the field of Social Security, social assistance and supplementary social protection.

CE10: Capacity for technical representation on Administrative and procedural level.

Kenya: Ability to interpret data and socio-economic indicators relating to the labour market.

CE12: Ability to apply quantitative and qualitative social research techniques to the workplace.

CE13: Ability to create, develop and evaluate occupational and continuous training in the field of regulated and non-regulated plans.

CE14: Capacity for planning, design, and management of occupational risk prevention systems.

CE15: Ability to apply the different techniques of evaluation and socio-labour audit.

CE16: Ability to transmit and communicate in writing and orally using the terminology and techniques.

CE17: Ability to apply information and communication technologies in different fields of action.

CE18: Ability to select and manage information and documentation work.


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