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On December 16, 2011 entered into force the legislative Royal Decree 3/2011, by which the recasted text of the law of contracts in the Public Sector was approved. The Act obliges contracting authorities to disseminate via the internet its profile as a contractor to ensure transparency and public access to information concerning their contractual activity.


 Profile of contracting. Ayuntamiento de Elda

Ayuntamiento de Elda, of which the School of labour relations (EURLE) is an autonomous body, manages the procurement of works, services and supplies related to this Center, so it is included here a link to profile of the Contracting Party of the local authority, that edit bids and awards. To lower recruitment procedures, the statutes book features two organs of the EURLE: the Governing Council and Manager.


 Procurement of the EURLE regime

STATUTES of the School University of relations work of ELDA (excerpt)

"Article 37. Procurement regime. "1. the school shall be subject to the law of contracts from the Public Sector and other regulations currently in force in this matter".


 Functions of the Executive Council and Manager

STATUTES of the School University of relations work of ELDA (excerpt)

  • Executive Council

"Article 10. Functions. They correspond to the governing body the following features: [...] (D) the hiring of works, services and supplies by means of minor contract, when it exceeds the powers of the Manager and is less than the limits established by the law of contracts from the Public Sector. […] (J) propose to the Council the hiring of works, services and supplies that are outside the mandate of the Executive Council, on behalf of the autonomous agency, through subsidies in kind".

  • Manager

"Article 18. Terms of reference [...] In particular will have the following features: [...] "(H) the contracting of works, services and supplies not exceeding of which are the responsibility of the governing body, by means of contract less the amount lower than the regulated on the basis of budgetary implementation".


University School of labour relations in Elda

Escuela universitaria de Relaciones Laborales
Centro Cívico. Plaza de la Ficia
Avda. de Chapi, 36.
03600 ELDA

Tel: (+34) 965 399 511

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