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Francisco Balboa Romero


Francisco Balboa Romero

University school of Labour Relations of Elda (University of Alicante)

Civic centre. Square of the Ficia. Avda. Of Chapí, 36. 03600 Elda

Telephone: 965 399 511. Email:




Asignaturas That gives

  • Right of the Work II (cod. 42616). Degree of Labour Relations and Human Resources of the UA.
  • Employment and contracting (cod. 42623). Degree of Labour Relations and Human Resources of the UA.

Educational category and area of knowledge

Professor associated. Area of Right of the Work and of the Social Security.

Course in which it incorporated to the EURLE: 1998-1999.

Curriculum abbreviated

Graduate in Sciences of the Work by the Universitat Oberta of Catalonia and Graduated Social Diplomado by the University of Alicante. It has realised the Program of doctorate in the UCAM. Máster In Gestión and Planning of Sanitary Institutions by the UCAM. Upper technician of Prevention of Labour Risks, Máster in Prevention of Labour Risks (IEBS), Upper Program in Direction of Hospitals (ALIAD) and Program of Didactic Methodology. In addition to professor in the EURLE, is professor collaborator of the Máster of Planning of Sanitary Institutions of the UCAM and professor collaborator in the Máster of Human Resources of the UA. Director of Human Resources of the sector Telecommunications and Hospitable. Consultor Labour and of Human Resources. Member of the commissions of Training and Labour Relations AEDIPE of the Valencian Community. Member of the Table of negotiation collective Agreement of the sector siderometalúrgico and member of the Table of negotiation of the collective Agreement of Hospitals of Murcia. Member of the Together Adviser of FREMAP Valencian Community and of the  Council Adviser of the Program of Managerial Development of Fundeun-UA.


University School of labour relations in Elda

Escuela universitaria de Relaciones Laborales
Centro Cívico. Plaza de la Ficia
Avda. de Chapi, 36.
03600 ELDA

Tel: (+34) 965 399 511

Fax: (+34) 965 399 511



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