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The College of labor relations of Elda (EURLE), Center attached to the University of Alicante, is one of the venues where classes and study the qualification's degree in labour relations and human resources. It is an autonomous body of the Ayuntamiento de Elda, whose academic tutelage corresponds to the Faculty of law of the University of Alicante.    



  • Originated in the 1960s and the formation of social graduates

TheCollege of labor relations of Elda, created by Decree 117/1989 of 28 July, the Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana, and affiliated to the University of Alicante, was born as a result of the transformation of the old Seminary of the Elda from the Institute of social studies of Valencia which, depending on the Ministry of labour, was the degree of Graduado Social.

Its origin, in fact, dates back to 1961, when the Institute of social studies as a result of the social fabric of an eminently industrial geographical zone, where the phenomenon of the work has been the main protagonist was established in Elda. Even then, the City Council of Elda opted for the existence of a work-related studies in this city, although maintenance was made with municipal budgets. In the same decade, it was decided to give impetus to the Social school, which became dependent on the Ministry of labour and of the Institute of social studies of Valencia, becoming this seminar and getting started with it a path of a decade that culminated in the transformation of the school in University Center. The Decree 2283 / 1973, of 17 August, provided for its part the regulatory framework so that the old social studies seminar could become in College, until the educational reform for the new constitutional scenario forced former seminars to become College or to disappear.

  • Center attached to the University of Alicante

In 1988, driven by the people that made up the former Seminary and with the backing of the City Council of Elda, began the formalities of a major transformation that culminated in the recognition of the affiliation to the University of Alicante. Told to carry out this project with the support and involvement of all the social partners - trade unions, business associations, political parties, municipal corporation and the University of Alicante-, which were integrated into a municipal Foundation created from the City Council of Elda: the charitable foundation of the University School of social graduates, entity to promote the creation of the College and keep it economically. The University of Alicante he supervised undertaken in its creation and, on 19 September 1989, the collaboration agreement signed whereby relationships are articulated. Then began a period of growth in which the number of students.

  • Of the diploma in labour relations to the extent of the Bologna plan

After teaching, then, studies of the old degrees of Social graduate and diploma in industrial relations, the Center introduced in the academic year 2010-2011 studies degree of the labor relations and human resources, under the academic supervision of the Faculty of law of the University of Alicante, Studies on which renewed the accreditation in 2016.


The present facilities of the EURLE in the Civic Center of the Ave. 36 Chapi, located in the one known by plaza de la Ficia, were inaugurated October 16, 2008 by the Mayor of Elda, Adela Pedrosa.

In its history, on the other hand, the Center has had different venues. following its creation, classes are taught in the old house Union of the calle Menéndez Pelayo, moving subsequently dependencies to college public Padre Manjón, Centro Sagrada Familia and the Pico Veleta street (La Torreta-Elda) Veleta peak until the ongoing 2008-2009 set his home at the current headquartersequipped with classrooms, Secretariat, library, classroom computers, tutoring and meetings, Assembly Hall and offices for the Faculty and the Board of direction.

Statutes and rules of procedure

The authorization for delivery of the degree of labour relations and human resources in the EURLE, starting from the academic year 2010-2011, prompted an adaptation of its existing statutes.


University School of labour relations in Elda

Escuela universitaria de Relaciones Laborales
Centro Cívico. Plaza de la Ficia
Avda. de Chapi, 36.
03600 ELDA

Tel: (+34) 965 399 511

Fax: (+34) 965 399 511



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