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Experto Desarrollo Aplicaciones Web con Java EE y Java Script (2015-16)

The course 2015-16 gave the 13ª edition of the developing Expert of Web applications with Java EE and Javascript.

Opinions of ancient students
  • "For me, the course was of long the best course that have been able to realise. Big professionals giving it and big students cursándolo. It worked hard , but it was worthwhile. The important is that all what learns uses day in day out in the companies and, at least to me, has given me a big value in the market."

    Alex Pérez
    Developer FrontEnd in BT Expedite, UK

  • "To me it served me to deepen in a language, know technologies that use in the real world, already finish working in Java or no (in my case am with nodejs, angularjs and javascript in general). Without knowing it, during the course learnt to do the practices with TDD (create the tests before programming). These methodologies are very useful and every time go adopting but and go being required."

    Luis Sánchez Spanish
    Developer engineer In BlinkBox Books, UK
  • "The course supposed the link between the academic world and the professional world. Nowadays, always speaking by my experience, the knowledge of frameworks like Spring or JPA is what really has opened me the doors of the professional world. The career taught me to program. The course carry me to work."

    Yago Safe
    Developer Java EE in Mimacom Iberian, Valencia

  • "For me the course served to know and define clearly the distinct modules that compose an application Java EE. And how it has to structure the code so that the growth and the maintenance of the application was the less costly possible."

    Francisco Pomata Sempere
    Coordinator of developments for public entities, Teralco Computer Technologies, Alicante

  • "For me the course was a turning point in my professional life. I learnt a real "way" to work with Java that do not see in the career. Also, when putting it in my CV, served me to stand out on the demas that opted to a place. "

    Fernando Boluda
    Analyst Programmer In /

  • "The course supposed a turning point in my professional career where could update my knowledges with the last technologies Java."

    José Luis Ortiz
    Architect in Everis, Alicante
  • "The expert supposed to give a qualitative jump in my knowledges of Java and in expanding my vision about the new technologies that nowadays use in the real applications."

    Jose Manuel Sánchez Bernabeu
    Researcher Dept. Computer technology and Computation, University of Alicante

  • "The course allowed me settle the bases to be able to grow professionally and face new challenges and projects. Ademas, to personal level, allowed me know people very interesting, so many professors and students. Definitely, very recomendabe"

    Fco. Javier Márquez Sirvent
    R&D Engineer in Jetty Technologies, Alicante

  • "The experts in Java are very sued in the actuality. For the one who loves the programming and know to take him out split to the course, east can help you to open a lot of doors in the labour world in the short term."

    Beatriz Díaz Ferrandez
    Developer / System Admon, WNW Design Ltd, UK

  • "An indispensable course where will learn, of a form practises, the ultimas technologies of Java EE developing a complete business application."

    Emilio Bravo Garcia
    CTO In

    Experto en Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web con Java y JavaScript

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