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Requirements and limit of matrícula

To guarantee the quality of the course, the number of squares will be limited to 22 students.

They establish two contingents with the following criteria of admission:

General contingent

85% of the squares (19 squares).

It is requirement be in possession of one of the following titles:

  • Degree in Computer Engineering
  • Degree in Multimedia Engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Technical engineering in Computing of Gestión
  • Technical engineering in Computing of Systems

Also they will admit to students that are cursando any of the previous studies and have a maximum of 30 pending credits for his obtaining.

The candidates in this contingent will order by the half note of the file in the degree of access.

Contingent of professionals and titled in other degrees

15% of the squares (3 squares).

It requires , according to the rule on own educations of the UA, gather the requirements of access to official university studies in the EEES.

Also it is necessary to accredit, by means of a proof of practical theoretical/access, sufficient knowledges in the following appearances of development of software and programming:

  • Basic programming in language Java
  • Design and programming oriented to objects
  • Design and gestión of relational databases
  • Programming basic web: language HTML, CSS and HTTP

In the web of the course will publish the date of realisation of the proof, that will be back at the end of the preinscripción.

The candidates in this contingent will order by the note obtained in the practical theoretical/proof.

After ordering the candidates with the previous criteria, will admit the number of squares of each contingent and the rest will remain in a list of wait of the contingent. The vacancies will cover in the first place with the list of wait of the contingent and, in the case of not existing, with the list of wait of the another contingent.


Academic taxes (%u20AC/credit): 90,00 %u20AC x 20 credits = 1.800 %u20AC
Opening additional taxes of academic file and expedition, maintenance or update of cards of identity: consult in the web of the Centre of Continuous Training

Payments in 4 terms:

  • First payment 10 days after the matrícula: 1/4 academic taxes (450 %u20AC) + additional taxes
  • Second payment in November of 2016: 1/4 academic taxes: 450 %u20AC
  • Third payment in February of 2017 of 1/4 academic taxes: 450 %u20AC
  • Fourth payment in March of 2017 of 1/4 academic taxes: 450 %u20AC

Tax of expedition of the title of Expert (orientative price, of the course 2015/16): 70,69 %u20AC


It will concede 1 half scholarship by each 10 students enrolled. The date of application and the processing of the scholarship will announce in his moment in this web.


The term of preinscripción is of the 1 to 22 July 2016 and of the 1 to 9 September (in case to remain available squares). Will have to fill up the form of preinscripción available in the page of Preinscripciones of the UA (in the separated Own Studies of developing > Expert Postgraduate of Web applications with Java EE and Javascript).

Once fill# up the form, will send you from the office of the department an email requesting the necessary documentation for the baremación of the application of admission and (in his case) summoning you to the proof of access.

  • Depending on the degree of access will have to contribute:
    • Computer degree of the UA: Photocopy of the informative index card of the academic file
    • Computer degree of another university: Photocopy of the two faces of the title of access and of the academic file
    • Without computer degree: Photocopy of the title with which accesses to the studies (another university degree, degree of Upper Technician, Proof of Access to University, etc.)

On 25 July it will publish the list of admitted in the general contingent (19 squares). For the contingent of professionals and titled in other degrees (3 squares) will realise a proof of practical theoretical/access the day 25 July. The day 27 July will publish the definite list of admitted.

Terms of preinscripción and matrícula

  • Preinscripción
    • 1 to 22 July 2016 : Preinscripción
    • 25 July 2016: Publication of the list of admitted
  • If they remain available squares
    • 1 to 9 September 2016 : Second term of preinscripción
    • 12 September 2016: Publication of the list of admitted in the second term of preinscripción
  • 19 to 30 September 2016 : Registration

Supporting title

It will realise a weekly follow-up of the activity realised by each student (assistance to classes and realisation of the practical exercises). Those who surpass this evaluation will obtain the title of University Expert by the University of Alicante signed by the Rector and form in model normalised.

Those who have assisted regularly to the courses but have not surpassed the evaluation will be able to request a justificante of assistance, with indication of the credits cursados, signed by the Director of Studies.

Office of the Department Science of the Computation and Artificial Intelligence

Direction: Polytechnical Building II
Telephone: 965903900
Fax: 965903902


The Centre of Continuous Training commissions of the administrative gestión of the once realised title the registration.

Direction: Building Germán Bernácer
Telephone: 96 590 94 22
Fax: 96 590 94 42

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