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Framework for action

  • 1.1 Develop the University of Alicante's corporate social responsibility in gender equality organising specific initiatives and collaborating in ones conducted by other institutions and charity organisations

  • 1.2 Make the university community aware of the absence of effective equality between women and men, the persistence of sexism in society and the need to contribute to the identification and the rejection of all forms of gender violence

  • 1.3 Make the university community -with special emphasis on students- aware of the existence of gender stereotypes related to the professional sphere, as well as to personal and family life, in order to contribute to building a society where women and men share, on equal terms and with equal opportunities, all areas of public and private life

  • 2.1 Promote, disseminate and demonstrate their knowledge on gender equality

  • 2.2 Include the gender equality approach in university education

  • 3.1 Promote the participation of women in both research and dissemination of knowledge

  • 3.2 Promote cross-curricular implementation of gender approach in research

  • 3.3 Promote research in gender studies from several fields of study and disseminate results

  • 4.1 Ensure equal opportunities for women and men in selection processes and career development at the UA

  • 4.2 Achieve a balanced representation of women and men in the academic and administrative spheres

  • 5.1 Achieve a balanced representation of women and men in the UA executive officers

  • 5.2 Achieve a balanced representation of women and men in all the UA governing, advisory and representation bodies

  • 6.1 Promote a balanced personal, family and work life of UA members

  • 6.2 Detect, address and prevent sexual and gender harassment, and violence against women at the UA

  • 6.3 Include the gender approach in our occupational safety and health policy

  • 7.1 Train the university community with resources and tools for the inclusion of a gender perspective in the teaching and research activity and in administrative management

  • 8.1. Raise awareness to the university community about the lack of effective equality between men and women in sports, and the existence of gender stereotypes associated to their practice.

  • 8.2. Recognise women's participation in sports and promote their practice amongst women.

  • 8.3. Gender mainstreaming in the undergraduate degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

  • 8.4. Promote research on the women’s role in sports and physical activity and disseminate the results.

  • 8.5. Promote the inclusion of women in those areas of sports management and administration in which they are underrepresented.

  • 8.6. Detect, address and prevent sexual harassment, harassment based on sexual orientation and gender violence in UA sports activities.

  • 8.7. Gender mainstreaming in the planning and management of the sports activities offered by the UA.

Specific actions

Project 'Standing up for EqUAlity: Women for Science, Women for Sure'

The Office of the Vice President for Students launches the Programme 'Standing Up for EqUAlity' intended to promote equality between women and men in secondary education centres in the province of Alicante.

'Women for Sciences, Women for Sure'

The project "Women for Sciences, Women for sure" includes a collection of audiovisual and teaching resources and a selection of web pages that secondary teachers can bring to their classes in order to make visible the contribution of women to science. Along with these resources, the University of Alicante teaching and research staff at the Faculty of Sciences (where undergraduate degrees in Biology, Marine Geology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Optics & Optometry are taught) are offered to give information sessions upon request.

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Audio visual material
A selection of audio visual resources can be found at our section “Women for Science, Women for Sure':
Educational proposals
Invisible Female Scientists.

Teaching Unit that aims to identify and evaluate some contributions by women to science, technology and the welfare of mankind as well as to encourage a change of attitude (...)

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What is it?

CampusGigabyteGirl is part of a pioneering action of Spanish universities intended to raise the awareness of IT in women with the participation of a total of 20 high school female students. The campaign has been organised by the UA Polytechnic School and is inspired by similar campaigns carried out by tech giants such as Google or Microsoft.

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Curricular adaptation regulations

These regulations develop the specific right of curricular adaptation included in UA Student Statute (2015) for victims of violence and students with dependents, among others.

Protection from harassment policy

The University of Alicante Governing Council unanimously passed its policy on harassment for prevention and for any action against sexual orientation and gender identity at the University of Alicante.