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Lydia Delicado Moratalla

Lidia Delicado Moratalla


Dr. Lydia Delicado Moratalla is a lecturer of Gender Studies at the Council of International Education Exchange in Alicante. She holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, a Master's Degree in Education and a BA in Geography. Her PhD thesis focussed on the slavery of black African women and Nigerian prostitution in Alicante (Desde la esclavitud de mujeres negro africanas a la prostitución nigeriana en Alicante. Una geografía feminista (ss. XVI-XXI).  It is a comparative study between the past and the present that analyses the common, spatial, geopolitical, symbolic and cultural links between the slave-trade slave trade of women in the modern Hispanic era and the current sexual trafficking of Nigerians in the city of Alicante.

She has worked for the  Asociación Museo de Hechos y Derechos de las Mujeres de Alicante (Alicante Museum of Women's Facts and Rights in the elaboration of the didactic exhibition Memorables, Insignes and Intrépidas, 1870-1931, as well as in gender projects of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation to Development in South of Ecuador. She has also been a coeducator in the prevention of gender violence and coordinator of the 3rd Seminar "Modernas de Época:  "Mujeres silenciadas en la Modernidad" (Modern Women in the past: women fallen into oblivion in modern times) at the University of Alicante Faculty of Arts. She coordinated a bibliographic exhibition on Geography and women's sexual exploitation" in the UA Institute of Geography Library, where she advises on genre topics and bibliographic resources.

Lines of Research

  • Feminist Geographies
  • Human Geography
  • Gender Studies.


  • Premio Internacional Emerging Schoolars 2018 de la revista Gender, Place and Culture, por su trabajo “Theorizing the prostitution system from Feminist Geopolitics”.
  • Delicado-Moratalla, L. (2018). Gendered and racial geopolitics of Nigerian prostitution. Gender, Place & Culture, 524, 1–4. 
  • Delicado-Moratalla, L. (2017). Slavery , Gender and Racialization in Alicante: The Colonization of Female Bodies (17 th - 18 th Centuries). Géneros. Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies, 6(2), 1334–1360.
  • Delicado-Moratalla, L. (2016). Mujeres, negras, esclavas. En I. Fernández Arrillaga (Ed.), Al margen y calladas: mujeres en la modernidad (pp. 43-54). Alicante: Instituto Alicantino de Cultura Juan Gil-Albert.

Conference papers

Delicado-Moratalla, L. (2016). Geografía feminista de la esclavitud sexual: el pasado y el presente en Alicante. Congreso Internacional sobre Prostitución y Trata. Madrid.


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