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General information

i3a, Industrial Computing and Artificial Intelligence


The group i3a works in the creation of systems of artificial intelligence using very diverse technical:

  • Artificial vision: segmentation in real time, classification of objects in scenes, omnivisión, vision estereoscópica.
  • Robotics: simulation of robots and his behaviour, mobile robots, microrrobots, sensorización and sensory fusion.
  • Charts, virtual reality and reality increased: specific geometrical models, simulators, interaction with virtual worlds.
  • Automatic learning: intelligent agents, learning of the human behaviour, softcomputing, neuroevolución.

These technicians have a very wide use in the current society. Among others, they can be used in the following fields:


  • Video games: many of the systems of artificial intelligence already developed or developing at present, centre in the intelligence of human level. In this sense, these systems are ideal for the automatic control of artificial characters in any video game, so much lúdico like educational.
  • Toys: the intelligence of the virtual characters can be incorporated to real toys. For example, we build adaptative systems for interactive learning, that is to say, able systems to react to the stimuli received by part of the user and learn of them. Like this it is possible to create cars teledirigidos autoguiados, peluches interactive or toys eletrónicos type "Tamagochi", between other ideas.


  • Systems of automatic driving: one of our final aims is the development of vehicles with capacities of autonomous driving. It is possible to use these systems for the guided automatic of any type of vehicle, particular or industrial, as they can be the carretillas of load, the robots of ordination and research in warehouses or the robots of automatic cleaning.
  • Systems of help to the driving: since the problem of the autonomous driving of vehicles reviste a very high complexity, the progresses that go realising use to create intermediate systems that help to the driver, doing him calmer and confortable the task to drive. In this field find the systems of detection of continuous lines, supervision of the speed, control of the distances of security, stabilisation of the amortiguadores, etc. In another field, also could help to the drivers to find the free squares of parking.

Industry of the automovil


  • Systems of mapeado and reconstruction: The construction of maps and the location of a mobile agent have big importance in the robotics and the artificial intelligence. Our group of investigation has implemented systems of reconstruction of maps in 3D from the information obtained by a laser and a system of omnivisión, and from vision estereoscópica. Inside the field of the construction, these systems are of big utility in verification of planes, detection of defects of the work, realisation of virtual walks through the real estate or reconstruction in 3D hiperrealista.
  • Simulation of spaces: The reconstruction of surroundings, together with the technicians of modelado realistic and the systems of virtual reality and increased, can be of big utility for the placing, modification and replacement of pieces of furniture, complementos and other accessories in inner or external spaces. Will have like this virtual scenes, in which all the elements are synthetic, or scenes increased, in which on a real image of the habitáculo incorporate virtual objects.

Sector construction1 Sector construction2 Sector construction3


  • Access to on-line digital contents: in the actuality, many are the providers that give access to many distinct types of services and contents to distance. Like examples have: television and video digital, music, films, games, applications, etc. With our investigations treat to unify the form of access to these contents, to contribute greater comfort to the users, with systems of payment by consumption more chords to his needs and with intelligent systems of optimisation of the load for the providers.
  • Assistance to disabled: the systems of artificial intelligence can result of big help to the people with disability: some systems of virtual reality or increased can help to the deficient visual or auditory to receive better the stimuli of the surroundings, could help to cross streets to people invidentes by means of analysis of the images that attract diverse cameras, using technical of estéreo and recognition, etc.
  • Consultancy: The experience of our group in the development of systems of artificial intelligence allows us advise to the companies in numerous fields: systems of artificial intelligence for video games, so much commercial like destined to the education or the investigation, modelado and rendering of synthetic objects and of virtual surroundings or advice in the election of systems of Virtual Reality.


  • Intelligent systems, virtual surroundings and video games for the education: the studies realised in the last years show the importance of the video games in the learning of the students. The video games cater of motivation to the student and pose him challenges that face with interest and proof. When these challenges require of new knowledges, the student learns quickly and without giving account, while it enjoys. An essential component of these video games and/or virtual surroundings is the artificial intelligence of the virtual characters that guide to the student. From intelligent opponents in games of strategy until intelligent tutors, our group finds prepared to offer the necessary technology for the development of these surroundings. Besides, our group has the previous experience in the field, after the development of 2 virtual surroundings in the last 3 years.


  • Intelligent home: The intelligent systems that develop can be integrated in the home to provide to the user unthinkable functionalities until does some years. Intelligent appliances, intelligent control of the different parameters of the home (illumination, climatización, ...) And a sinfín of possible uses. Besides, the technicians of interaction with the user and of automatic learning do that we speak of systems that adapt to the tastes of the user learning of him how have to comport.


  • Control of quality: The technicians of artificial vision developed have a field of application of very high interest in the control of quality in the industries: Inspection of industrial processes, detection of failures in ceramics, classification of marbles by means of analysis of colour and textures, detection of defects in the objects in a chain of production by means of vision estéreo, etc.
  • Security: Another field of application of the artificial vision are the systems of surveillance: develop systems for the detection of people in unauthorised zones, so that the system only transfers images when it goes in some person in unauthorised zones, systems of detection of fires, in companies or in arboreal zones, by means of wireless cameras, establishment of distances in inaccessible zones by means of the use of cameras of vision estéreo, etc.
  • Design and aided by manufacture computer: The increasingly demanding parameters of quality and design of the products, force to the companies to incorporate systems of artificial intelligence in the initial stages of development of the product. In this sense, provide geometrical models adapted to the versatile design of the products and to his manufacture of quality, automating a lot of processes that nowadays are still artesanales.

Industrial Computing and Artificial Intelligence (i3a)

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