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EagleEye: Surroundings of Development for the Help to the Learning of the Treatment of Images

Description of the surroundings

EagleEye Is some surroundings of work oriented to the teaching and to the investigation that simplifies the process of implementation and proof of a project. To facilitate the global development, the system bases in the visual definition of a grafo of processing. To each one of the nodes of the grafo assigns him an independent algorithm, what allows to centre in a concrete problem without concerning of the rest of the project. During the execution, the system visualises so much the final result like the intermediate results of each one of the modules. All this contributes a series of characteristics very interesting (especially for the teaching), as they are: can exchange nodes easily to realise proofs, compare algorithms and evaluate slow nodes; besides it has a total control of all the process, what allows to evaluate each one of the results and identify if any of them is failing. At present EagleEye is oriented to the processing of images, but his applications no only reduce to this type of algorithms. It pretends expand the system to use it in reality Virtual and Reality Increased, in simulation and control of robots, and in general in any another type of project in which they can take advantage of the characteristics of the surroundings.


Industrial Computing and Artificial Intelligence (i3a)

Universidad de Alicante
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