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  • Integration of biometric security and digital signatures using Smart Cards

Integration of biometric security and digital signatures using Smart Cards

Integration of security biométrica and digital signatures by means of intelligent cards


The use of the intelligent cards presents like the following step to the cards of current payment. Each intelligent card has an able integrated chip to store, each day more, a big quantity of data. The evolution of these chips situates them at present in a point in which they allow to house all type of information biométrica.

The aim of this project is the integration of diverse technicians of security to a low cost employing a combination of intelligent cards and data biométricos. This method poses like a half sure practically impossible to falsify. The current intelligent cards in addition to data are able to house programs that can realise diverse functions, being the ones of the personal identification those that particularly improve in this project.

Our intention is to elaborate a study of several methods of identification with the idea to realise a classification of the level of security that offer joined to his level of cost, employing the most economic means for levels of low or slight security, and on the other hand, employing the means of security more complex and expensive in the systems that require of the level of security stronger or high.

Another of our aims is to realise a pilot experience in the acquisition of the data biométricos of part of the personnel. Realising of this form a database that can employ later for the identification of the personnel.

Once identified a person, the system can register schedules of entrance and exit of the places of access restricted, keeping a historical useful to know the location of each person in each moment.

The intelligent cards can provide also a comfortable and simple method to control the hours of entrance and exit of the personnel, substituyendo to the current index card.

It seems increasingly justified the employment of systems of security that are difficult to falsify, like this the employment of the data of the digital footprint complemented with the intelligent card can be a good half of identification employing escáneres of digital footprints, providing different levels of security according to the device employed.

Other systems of identification can include the voice, facial shots, image of the iris, etc. All these data can elaborate and include of compact form in an intelligent chip, reducing the risk of fake to the minimum, being this method the safest that exists in the actuality, if a hacker obtains a copy of the footprint the system refuses it because it does not admit two identical entrances, since because of the characteristic cambiantes of each person, variations in the pressure exerted, humidity, etc., produce always different entrances.

The main idea is that the intelligent card, with the data biométricos and the suitable program compare said data with which provide him the device of entrance, for example the scanner of digital footprint, with which does not transmit the information biométrica to the server to realise the validation, so only the information of security, schedules that define the application, for the realisation of the control that wish to define.

Other areas of application are: safe access to personal computers, reliable electronic identification in Internet, control of access to rooms, control of schedules, reservation of resources, etc.

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