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The 1st Meeting of Historians on Indiano Law was launched in October 1976 on the occasion of the 6th International Conference on the History of America that took place in Buenos Aires promoted by scholars Ricardo Zorraquin Becú (Argentina), Alamiro de Ávila Martel (Chile) and Alfonso García Gallo (España). On this occasion, the aforementioned scholars agreed to set up an international association known as International Institute of History of Indiano Law, with the aim of promoting and enforcing the knowledge of this subject. To achieve this aim, they planned to hold conferences periodically in which all members of the Institute would make public the results of their research.

From that date to the present day the Institute has shown constant increasing and continuous activity and participation has exceeded all expectations. The scientific research, the number of members engaged and the changes in the organisational structure are just some parameters that provide this evidence.

In terms of scientific activity, it has been carried out through the organization of Conferences, as it has been planned from the beginning. In this regard, eighteen meetings have already taken place, with their Proceedings all published. The Proceedings are in 34 volumes running more than 21,200 pages about Indiano Law.

Parallel to the above scientific production, the increase in the members also needs to be appreciated. The Institute went from having 21 members, who were considered the founders of the association in 1966, to 44 in 1972 (3th Congress), and raised up to 97 in 1997 (10th Congress). Since then the number has been increasing to reach the present 150 members. The diversity of its membership (Germany, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, U.S., and Venezuela) demonstrates the interest on the activity of this Institution over a wide geographical area.

Furthermore, as explained above, the Institute has undergone significant organisational restructuring. Initially, the organization was already outlined in the Founding Act in 1966. In this proposal, only two basic bodies were envisaged: the Board of Directors instituted by the three founders) and the Secretariat. On the occasion of the 5th Congress held in Ecuador in 1978, a Regulation was adopted with a more complex structure. Apart from the Executive Board and the Secretariat, the Deputy Council was created, composed of ten members and the functions of the General Assembly were defined more precisely. This regulation was again modified during the 10th Congress in 1992; on this occasion the Deputy Council was removed and the Executive Council created in order to work jointly with the Board of Directors. The present structure of the Institute was established at the 11th Congress held in Buenos Aires (1995), when the Board of Directors was abolished and the Executive Board was left as the only responsible body.

At present, the Institute continues its scientific research career trying to reconcile the essence of the foundational principles with the incorporation of the new changes in Indiano Law that take place on a continuous basis


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