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Cluster of computation IUII 


The cluster  of computation has been acquired by the  High Performance and Parallelism Computation Group  of the University of Alicante, financed by the UA project on    AUTOMATIC CONSTRUCTION AND OPTIMISATION OF SCIENTIFIC COMPUTATION PARALLEL LIBRARIES   (TIN2008-06570-C04-04), of the  Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation  of Spain  and the  'University of Alicante's Office Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation.


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Automation, robotics and artificial vision laboratory

- Two arm industrial robots and systems of image acquisition.
- Indoor location system.
- 'Allegro' clockwise robot hand.  with human-like hand, 5 fingers and 24 articulations with 20 degrees of freedom and torque positions sensors.
- Robotic hand dextrógira ‘Allegro' with 4 fingers with 16 independent articulations.
- 3 fingers robot and (Robotnik Barrett).
- PA-10 Mitsubishi, two industrial robot arms of 7 degrees of freedom.
- Industrial robot arm (SCORBOT).
- UWB Indor location system.
- Inertial motion capture system  ‘Gypsy-Twist'.
- Vision Cameras: ToF, monochromatic, RGB-D, high speed, intelligent, FPGA, etc.
- Sensors of strength and tactile sensors.
- Automatons Schneider model SMS M340.

Location :   Polytechnic III, ground floor  

 Bioengineering laboratory





- Computers for the development and implementation of systems and applications.
- Server for processing tasks, storage and publication.
- Hardware reconfigurable for parallel programming
- Biomedical data acquisition cards
- Image acquisition camera
- Digital personal assistants and portable/tablet computers

Location :   Polytechnic III, first floor

 Parallel Computation Laboratory





- Several parallel-processing computer clusters.
- Access to distinct multiprocessors in distinct Spanish and foreign research centres.



Location :   Polytechnic II, first floor

Recording Laboratory

Recording studio with acoustic conditioning
- Mixer Table
- Microphones
- DAW software iMac, plugins and effects
- Studio monitors 
- Compressor

Location : Polytechnic IV, second floor


Industrial Computing and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


- Various mobile platforms comprising: Pioneer 3AT Mobile Robot , Peoplebot Robot, I/O peripherals, etc.
- Hyperbolic-mirror based omni-directional laser-robot system.



Location :   Polytechnic II, first floor


Multidisciplinary Laboratory for Radar, Audio and Vehicles





- Work stations for satellite image processing.
- Multichannel audio system, 48kHz 24 channels, amplification, 24 dynamic 5” loudspeaker array and DML multi-excited panels.
- Prototype vehicle with ultrasound sensors, infrared, CMOS chambers, etc.
- Polarimetric terrestrial radar up to 8 GHz implemented with a vectorial network analyser and a linear positioner.
- Electromagnetic and audio absorption system.

Location :   Polytechnic II, first floor

Robotics and Home Automation Systems Laboratory


- Computers
- Mitsubishi 5 DOF robotic arm
- Mobile Robot
- Vision Cameras
- Automation equipment

Location:   Research Technical Services building, second floort


Virtual Reality Laboratory



- High performance computer with advanced processing calculation, along with available RAM memory and particularly high graphic card performance, which make it ideal for virtual and augmented reality.
- Various models of virtual reality glasses with different capacities which adapt to different problems we may encounter: the MicroOptical PC Viewer model is suitable for augmented reality as it enables us to visualise the synthetic image while also seeing reality. The I-Glasses model is more immersive as it isolates the user from surrounding vision and visualises high quality virtual images. Finally, the Rimax model is a simpler version of I-Glasses. Although it is of poorer quality, its low price makes it suitable for lower cost commercial systems.

Location :   Polytechnic III, first floor

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