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Robotics and computer vision

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Robotics and computer vision

Cooperation of robots

COupled OPEration Robot (Cooper) is a robotic system consisting of [a] 3 degree-of-freedom joints that has a camera on the end of the structure. COOPER is designed to be attached to the end of a conventional handling robot and use the vision system to monitor the task by the robot manipulator in which it is assembled, obtaining the best perspective while possible occlusions are avoided in the viewpoint. COOPER features are: open and robust kinematic and dynamic control; light and resistant articular structure made of materials such as duralumin and engineering plastics; around 5kg weight; robust and firm independent adaptable anchorage to the structure where the robot manipulator is to be fixed. In this line, IUII designs and implements advanced and lightweight mechatronic robots and systems like COOPER

screenshot RoboUALab
Laboratorio RoboUALabScreenshot RoboUALab 2Screenshot RoboUALab

RoboUALab is a virtual and remote robotics laboratory implemented in JAVA, which allows remote operation of an industrial robot arm via the Internet, using a graphical interface.

RobUALab allows 3D virtual simulation of a work setting and the actual execution of the simulated trajectories and robot movements by sending online commands in the language of the robot. Currently, RobUALab simulates and remotely operates an industrial robot, ER-IX Scorbot, by Intelitek manufacturer, but it can be adapted to operate other anthropomorphic industrial robots. RobUALab features are: kinematic control (position and velocity), evaluation of paths and movements, remote command operation.

Also, it allows the interaction between virtual and real environments through an artificial vision system that can recognise objects and display them in a virtual user interface based on augmented reality environments. For more information, visit the product website: 

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Recognition images
MirBot Screenshot 1MirBot Screenshot 2Mirbot Screenshot 3MirBot Screenshot 4

MirBot is a free mobile app developed by the PRAIG group at the University of Alicante to: 

  • Allow users to train their own AI system.
  • Serve as an educational tool.
  • Collect a large image dataset for research purposes.
  • Study the impact of metadata like GPS location to reduce the image search space.
  • Help robots take over the world (muahaha)

MirBot can automatically classify objects using photographs provided by the app users. For each new photo, the system proposes a class, and if it is not correct the user can select the appropriate one from a suggestions list, or from a set of Wordnet words. Therefore, the system learns to recognize new objects provided by the users. The classification can be filtered by using only the user images and by selecting only certain categories 

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D. O. A.
Obstacle detection for the blind
Aerial obstacle detection

The software uses the stereo camera of some mobile devices to detect the depth of the obstacles in the direction of the user. It has an accessible interface, which will warn the user of present obstacles by emitting an acoustic signal. The sound becomes more frequent as we get closer to obstacles. This user-friendly comfortable software is integrated into a smartphone.

Virtual laboratory for training courses

VISUAL is a program that provides graphical specification and simulation of machine vision algorithms. It consists of a user graphical interface made up of IPOs (Image Processing Operations). This software is suitable for teaching support in workshops on artificial vision for people without programming skills, enabling them to create complex algorithms from flowcharts that connect core vision processing

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