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Business and technologies consulting and software development

Within the field of Software Engineering, the IUII has experience in software development model-driven systems software in General and specifically Web applications. A range of services for the development of software projects that directly emanate from our r & d results are offered:
-Development of applications Web RIAs (Rich Internet Applications).
-Design of Web applications accessible and usable increasing the quality perceived by users
-Consulting on projects of re-engineering for the modernization of systems software that allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies.
-Advanced requirements engineering methods to improve communication with the customer and increase their satisfaction regarding the product or final service.
-Reuse of components using techniques of development driven models to increase productivity and reduce development costs.
-Development of data intensive Web applications.

Review of projects for certification

Article 35 of the revised text of the companies act of tax (Royal Legislative Decree 4/2004), includes measures to regulate the tax incentives for research, development and innovation (RDI) of the companies.

The IUII in collaboration with various certification bodies (EQA, SGS, etc.) accredited by ENAC prepares technical reports on r & d of the companies activities. The objective to identify and describe activities that represent a significant scientific or technological innovation. The evaluation report, is done from the technical documentation provided by the company about the executed projects on which you want to apply tax deduction for r & d activities. These technical reports are not binding but are recommended to get a binding motivated report of the Ministry of economy and competitiveness (MINECO) and thus be able to apply tax incentives in finance.

Training for companies

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