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R & d lines

IUII Research Research lines

See the research lines  of the
University Institute for Computing Research

Research Lines

Ambientes Inteligentes
Intelligent environments

Virtual reality and augmented reality.

Home and building automation systems.

Human-computer interfaces.
Automatic learning
and artificial intelligence

Grammatical inference.
Multimodal interaction.
Computer music.
Pattern recognition.

Business Intelligence and information systems

BI applications.
Content management.
Open data management.
Big data requirements, modeling, and analysis.
E-learning systems.

Telematic systems, automatic control and computer engineering

Automation and instrumentation.
Design of embedded distributed
and reconfigurable hardware.
CAD/CAM design and manufacture.
Networks and communications.
Simulation, control and optimisation of
industrial and medical processes.
Radar and satellites remote sensing.

SOFTWARE Engineering  and computer security

Usability, accessibility, and quality of
software development.
Requirements, analysis and traceability.
Information security. Integrity and
authenticity of information.
Modernisation and model-based


Intelligent agents and cooperation
among devices/machines.
Automation of surface (USV) and
air vehicles (UAV).
Intelligent handling.
Perception-driven navigation.
Industrial robotics and remote
control systems.


Language resources for translation.

Computer aided translation.

Hybrid, statistical and rule-based machine translation.

Human language technologY

Language generation.
Computer speech identification,
recognition and understanding.
Opinion Mining.
Information recovery, classification and
automatic retrieval

Artificial vision

Medical image analysis and biometrics.
Image processing and recognition.
Quality control and visual inspection  
in industry/services .
Computer vision hardware
(GPUs, FPGAs,SOC, RGBD, TOF, etc.)
3D vision.

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