Interpretation Centre




Opened in 2008, the Interpretation Centre is located at the entrance of the La Alcudia site.

It is a single-storey building, divided into three sections: lobby, reception and themed shop in the central section; the exhibition hall in the left-hand section; and a hall for audiovisual material, temporary art exhibitions and lectures in the right-hand section. Designed by the architect Javier García-Solera, it covers an area of %u200B%u200B500 m². Its construction was possible thanks to the support of the University of Alicante, the Elche City Council, the Alicante Provincial Council and the Valencia Region’s Government.

The Interpretation Centre provides an overview of the sociocultural evolution of La Alcudia, which is complementary to the chronological perspective of the Monographic Museum. The collection is displayed in glass cabinets, arranged by theme, showing how lifestyles and mindsets changed in Ilici over time, through a selection of outstanding objects.


It is structured into two main blocks, arranged in the order indicated on the display cabinets. The first block addresses concepts such as the atmosphere of the site, the history of the research work conducted here, productive and domestic activities, daily life and written documents, while the second deals with the aristocracy, afterlife, beliefs and the end of the settlement.



Fotografía de Regina Guillamon Senent