Ladies and Heroes Project


The project “Ladies and Heroes. After the Iberian Ilici” is a multidisciplinary archaeological intervention developed in Sector 11, where the Lady of Elche was found by chance in 1897. The ultimate goal has been to provide information on the Iberian phases of La Alcudia and define an archaeological stratigraphy that would help complement the knowledge of the different historical phases of Ilici at the same time. That would allow framing the many and varied findings carried out in the successive campaigns since 2017.



The results obtained to date offer us several episodes of a large historical sequence, curiously, starring the two historical extremes of the enclave. On the one hand, the human remains found both in a grave reused over time with various burials, on the other, those found on an old wall, dated circa C 14 and associated ceramics between the 7th and 8th centuries. Both refer to the last death throes of the late Ilici. However, precisely this defensive structure, erected on the natural sediment, could represent one of the first testimonies of Iberian Alcudia. By virtue of the various cuts carried out, its continuity has been proven for a space of 60 m in length of N-S. The wall would, in practice, occupy almost the entire hypothetical radius of appearance of the Lady, who, therefore, would have remained there ritually hidden or amortised.






Proyecto Damas y Héroes 1

Proyecto Damas y Héroes 2

Proyecto Damas y Héroes 3




Cuidar, curar, morir: la enfermedad leída en los huesos



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