Monographic museum



The current Monographic Museum is an adaptation of the original museum that opened in 1972. The new project was undertaken by the architect Antonio Serrano Bru, with support from the Valencia Region’s Government through the Confianza Plan. Reopened in 2015, the museum has adopted a new exhibition style to better suit the current needs of the archaeological site, and its research, restoration and storage areas have been substantially improved.



The Museum contains a lobby, where visitors are introduced to the history, research and symbolic meaning of the site and its landmark pieces. This is followed by three themed exhibition halls: Iberia, dedicated to Iberian culture, with a magnificent collection of vases and sculptures that complement those already seen at the Interpretation Centre; Hispania, containing mosaics, materials and backgrounds alluding to Roman culture; and Spania, about the bishopric of Ilici and the transition from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages. This facility also houses the management and research units; a highlight is the large archaeology laboratory, which leads to the Hispania Hall, the restaurant and the storerooms.