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On L'Alcúdia

The yacimiento archaeologic of The Alcudia, to 2 km, of the urban centre of Elche, has an easy access from the road CV 855 of Elche to Dolores. In him they can visit monuments of Iberian period, roman and Visigothic. They stand out houses, bathrooms, temples, public buildings and a good part of his wall.

To the entrance finds the Centre of Interpretation, work of the architect Javier García Solera. In him it facilitates the necessary information to realise the visit. It includes an exhibition of the objects more descatacados that have recovered in the archaeologic excavations and an audiovisual.

Inside the circuit of visit includes the Monographic Museum, where conserves the greater part of the materials of collection Bouquets Folqués, together with the pertinent of the recent excavations. His doors have been opened again in 2015 after an important remodelación so much in his rooms of exhibition as in the zones devoted to investigation, restoration and conservation.

The University Foundation The Alcudia of Archaeologic Investigation created in the year 1996, in virtue of an agreement between the family Bouquets, owner until then of the yacimiento, the University of Alicante and the City council of Elche. Later they have added the Provincial Deputation of Alicante and the Generalitat Valencian.

The intention of the Foundation is to investigate, conserve, spread and spread the historical heritage-archaeologic of The Alcudia, like centre of investigation and teaching. The University Institute of Investigation in Archaeology and Historical Heritage (INAPH) of the University of Alicante collaborates with the Foundation in this task.

The Alcudia

Pda. Alzabaras Bajo, Polígono 1, 138
03290 Elche
Alicante (España)

Tel: (+34) 96 661 1506

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