Our Foundation




The La Alcudia University Foundation for Archaeological Research was created in 1996 by virtue of an agreement between the Ramos family, who until then owned the site, the University of Alicante and the Elche City Council. Subsequently, the Alicante Provincial Council, the Valencia Region’s Government and the Miguel Hernández University joined the foundation.

The Foundation aims to investigate, preserve, promote and make known the historical and archaeological heritage of La Alcudia, as a research and teaching centre, with support from the University of Alicante’s Institute for Archaeology and Heritage Research (INAPH).


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the supreme governing and administrative body of the Foundation and must exercise the functions and powers assigned to it, subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law.

It is made up of all the trustees of the Foundation and the manager, who has the right to speak in meetings, but not to vote. Ordinary meetings take place twice a year. The Board’s main functions are to approve the budget and the annual accounts before submitting them to the Valencia Region’s Government.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for adopting all necessary agreements relating to the Foundation’s management and administration, and for implementing the agreements approved by the Board of Trustees.


Scientific Board

The Scientific Board, created by the University of Alicante, is made up of seven renowned professionals in the field of archaeology or related disciplines.