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In 2017, the University of Alicante Office of the Vice President for Research and Knowledge Transfer started a specific line of projects for La Alcudia site within its own programme to promote research in R&D&I projects. Since its creation, the excavation projects undertaken in three sectors of the site have had the invaluable support of the Elche City Council ever since its creation. Each of them constitutes an important contribution to some of the main lines of action established in the Master Plan of La Alcudia for the period 2017-2029.

The three ongoing projects are:


1. LADIES AND HEROES PROJECT, whose principal investigator is Dr. Alberto Lorrio Alvarado. It is an attempt to address the origin of the Iberian settlement of La Alcudia.

2. ASTERO PROJECT; (Archaeology and knowledge socialisation of La Alcudia of Elche. Eastern hot springs and surrounding areas). Led by Dr. Jaime Molina Vidal and its main objective is to study in depth the transformations of the Roman nucleus, as well as to socialise eastern hot springs. For more information you can consult the link:

3. DOMUS PROJECT. Living in Ilici. Led by Dr. Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret, it aims to delve into the final moments of occupation of the city of Ilici. For more information, have a look at the following link:



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