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Basic bibliography

The investigation on the Alcudia-Ilici is ancient and extensive. They exist references to the yacimiento archaeologic from, at least, the 16th century, increasing the references from the interest of the writers illustrated. They stand out the works of Juan Antonio Mayans and of the brothers Aureliano and Pedro Ibarra, to which add already in the 20th century the ones of Alejandro and Rafael Bouquets among others many. In the actuality exist repositorios where the visitor interested can consult a lot of of this bibliography. To continuation indicate the main references.

To know L'Alcúdia:
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To know more:
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Virtual library

The collaboration between the University Foundation of Archaeologic Investigation The Alcudia and the Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes has manifested , among others appearances, in the creation of a bibliographic database on The Alcudia of Elche. The starting point was the compilation of the works realised by Alejandro Bouquets Folqués, like homage surrendered in the centenary of his birth. To this series have gone incorporating works of other authors, accessible all they in his integrity.

The repositorio digital of the University of Alicante, RUA, has an institutional profile devoted to the University Foundation of Archaeologic Investigation The Alcudia, that covers among others fields, the scientific publications. In her can consult and download many of the scientific works on The Alcudia-Ilici, his surroundings and material, generated in the own foundation and in the University of Alicante. To this series have gone incorporating works of other authors, accessible all they in his integrity.

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