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The yacimiento

The yacimiento of The Alcudia, ancient city of Ilici, finds situated in the vicinities of the city of Elche and next to the river Vinalopó, on a small elevation of some 10 Have. That partly it constitutes a tell artificial. It finds surrounded by fertile earths and very communicated by ways and roads from the Antiquity.

The sequence estratigráfica reaches, according to the archaeologic data, from the Age of the Bronze until principles of the Islamización, although they have found also material neolithics. During the Iberian period, Ilici had to be the main city of the regal iberica of the Contestania, and his influence would extend by the centre and south of the province of Alicante and the bordering zones of Albacete and Murcia. Of this moment have to stand out a glorious sculptural group, with master pieces like the Lady of Elche or the Torso of the Guerrero, and the ceramics decorated with the designated style Elche. With the arrival of Rome, will turn into the Colony Iulia Ilici Augusta, one of the most stood out cities of the Mediterranean seaboard Hispanic.

This fact took place around the year 26 to. N. And., when the ancient Iberian city was elevated to the rank of roman colony with the name of Colony Iulia Ilici Augusta, denomination that partly has to to the emperor Augusto and partly to his previous name. With this reason had to reform the urban structure, something of what until the moment hardly exist archaeologic footprints, and deliver the earths of the surroundings between the new pobladores, of what gives faith the plate of bronze that exposes in the museum.

In the Late Antiquity, Ilici incorporated to the Visigothic realm and arrived to be bishopric; it was conquered in the frame of the offensive of the emperor Justiniano to re-create the ancient Imperio and during a time turned into Byzantine possession. Given back to the Visigothic command, kept his existence until in the first moments of the Islamic presence produced his definite abandonment.

From his abandonment in the 8th century, the yacimiento shows traces of frecuentaciones and expolios, without that it can document a permanent habitat.

The archaeologic works have developed of irregular form from does centuries. During almost all the 20th century was property of the family Bouquets, that excavated during more than six decades. The constitution in 1996 of the «University Foundation of Archaeologic Investigation The Alcudia», in which they take part the University of Alicante, the City council of Elche, the Provincial Deputation of Alicante, and the Generalitat Valencian, has marked the start of a new stage. In her it pretends award to Ilici the scientific importance that corresponds him, give to know his monuments and improve his cultural wealth.

The archaeologic material conserves mainly in the Monographic Museum situated in the own yacimiento. Pieces of interest find also in the Archaeologic and Historical Museum of Elche and in the National Archaeologic Museum of Madrid.

The Alcudia

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