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Learn languages

Catalan courses (LS)

The University of Alicante Languages Service (LS) is responsible for the accreditation of competence in languages and organises Catalan courses for levels A2 (Erasmus students), B2, C1 and C2 (Oral, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced).

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Foreign language courses (CSI)

The Language Centre delivers courses in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Russian. Translation services, conference organisation and language stays abroad are also offered by this Centre.

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Oriental language courses

The Asian-Pacific Relations Office offers a wide training variety to both the university community and the public at large. 

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Spanish and Catalan courses for foreign students

The Languages Service organises on-line, on-site and intensive courses in Spanish and Catalan.

Catalan Self-Learning Centre

The University of Alicante Catalan Self-Learning Centre is the ideal place for those willing to learn Catalan (most frequently referred to as Valencian in the region of Valencia).

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Competence in Catalan, German, English and French…

UA training plan for obtaining Catalan and other languages teaching competence certificate.

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International mobility programme

Find out here all the information you need to experience an Erasmus stay.

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Study in Catalan, English, French and other languages

Information on degree courses taught in Catalan, English and French 

See all our degree courses taught in Catalan, English and French at the University of Alicante.

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HAP Group

High Academic Performance (HAP) Groups aim at strengthening most outstanding students' possibilities from the very beginning by offering them undergraduate degrees with part of the courses taught in English, funding and educational support.

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Degree courses taught in English

See all courses taught in English.

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