Research facilities and equipment Applied Petrology Group

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Research facilities and equipment


Research facilities


Laboratory of applied petrology



Selected equipment


Optical microscopy
- Optical microscopy Zeiss Axioskop.
- Stereomicroscope Zeiss Stemi SV 6.
- Digital camera Photometrics Cool SNAP-CF.


HePore structure
- Mercury porosimeter Autopore IV 9510 de Micromertics.
- Helium pycnometry AccuPyc 1330 Micromeritics.


UltrasonidosMechanical properties
- Compressive and flexural testing machine Ibertest.
- Schmidt Hammers.
- Franklin point load apparatus test.
- Rupture energy apparatus test.
- Ultrasonic equipments: Sonic viewer 170 OYO, Mod. 5228; Controls Ultrasonic tester E-46; Pulser 5058PR (Panametrics) with an oscilloscope (TDS 3012B – Tektronix); Panametrics transducers centered in different frequencies, polarized (P and S) and non-polarized.


 permeabilimetroHygric properties
- Systems for obtaining vacuum porosity.
- Water permeameter in a triaxial cell. (Intrinsic) permeability measurements are accurate for values between 0.01mD y 500mD (1D~ 10–12 m2 o ~ 10–5 m/s for pure water at 20 0C).
- Continuous capillary imbibition, using the CK code.
- Moisture balances AMB 300 and 310.

camara  climatica
Durability apparatus tests

- Climatic chamber Vötsch VC 4033 with a UV Suntest CPS.
- Kesternich weather chamber Dycometal.
- Freeze-thaw chamber Dycometal CHD-525.
- Slake durability test equipment.


penduloSurface properties
- Abrasion equipment Ibertest DIB-70.
- Colorimeter Minolta CR-300.
- Glossmeter Minolta Uni-Gloss 60.
- Microhardness SHIMADZU HMV-2000.
- TRRL pendulum Wessex Skid Tester S885.
- Portable Surface Roughness Tester Mitutoyo SJ-201P.
- IR thermometer Testo 830-T1.



Features for preparing thin sections and rock specimens
- Polishing machine Planopol-V, Struers.
- Cutting and grinding machine Discoplan-TS, Struers.
- Cutting machine Dimas-TS 400F; Diamant Boart TS-900F; and Diamant Boart TS-600M.
- Vacuum impregnation unit Cast N'Vac 1000, Buehler.


Research facilities