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Research projects

Relevant research projects and contracts managed in the past ten years:

· Evaluation of the durability of natural stone used for outdoor paving. MA. García del Cura. MF (2002-2005).

· Anisotropic physical properties of brecciated dolomitic rocks and influence on rock quality for building materials. MCYT (2003-2006).

· Durability estimation of some ornamental stones from the Region of Valencia by using non-destructive methods. JC. Cañaveras. GV (2004-2005).

· Determination of optimal microclimatic ranges for the conservation of the Cueva Pintada at Gáldar. S. Sánchez Moral. CGC (2004-2005).

· Durability evaluation of porous rocks under hygric and thermal stress. D. Benavente. GV (2005-2006).

· Travertines from SE Spain used as building stone in construction and architectural restoration. Physical properties and durability. MA. García del Cura. MCYT (2007-2009).

· Integral study of the conservation of the Carmona archaeological complex. S. Sánchez Moral. CGC (2007-2009).

· Integral study of the conservation of the Cave of Altamira and its Palaeolithic art illustrations. Future prospects for conservation. S. Sánchez Moral.  MC (2007-2009).

· Environmental factors controlling the active growth of speleothems in karst systems: Assessment of their use as proxies of recent climatic variability at semiarid regions. JC. Cañaveras MCI (2009-2011).

· Mechanisms and environmental factors that control gas transport through soils and rocks.  Implication in the balance of atmospheric CO2. D. Benavente MCI (2012-2014).

· Geological and architectural heritage of Tabarca island (Alicante). Degradation processes and conservation proposals. J Martínez-Martinez UA (2014-2014).

· Quantification and modelling of radon transport in soils. Assessment of its potential risk and use as a natural geochemical tracer. D. Benavente MCIU (2019-2022).


Research projects and contracts managed through the Vice President for Research