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The IUII LTRob ( Transverse line of Robotics ) aims to promote robotics, in different areas and sectors in order to improve the relations between research groups of the IUII and, in order to increase their competitiveness and excellence. In this sense, there are different actions on specific axes.

The working line is Robotics in its broadest sense, though any discipline must clearly have a direct application in robotics, taking into account the most relevant conferences (ICRA or IROS mainly) or the public calls for competitive research. Robotics is present for years in the national R&D plans, being for example around 40% of the projects about Robotics presented in programs like Spanish DPI. In Europe, both in the 2020 Horizon and in previous programmes framework, Robotics has always been a very present discipline. In addition, Robotics is a discipline clearly transferable, especially to the productive sectors of the province of Alicante. Serve as an example that technological institutes such as that of the toy (AIJU) or of the footwear (INESCOP), have departments of robotics, which demonstrates its potential for transfer. Without forgetting new trends, aimed at the service sector, in which the tourism can have in the coming years an important boom.

The participation of each group in the proposed axes will be determined through coordination meetings which will be held during the two first months of the year 2015, between the line Coordinator and a representative of each group who wants to get involved in each one of the axes. In this way, specific working groups will be established for each axis, with commitment to meet the objectives set out in each one of them by the year 2015.


talk about Urban Robotics

In the frame of the Transverse Line of Robotics (LTRob), Prof. Alberto Sanfeliu from the UPC will give the talk "Urban Robotics", next Moonday November 9 at 17:00, in the room Rafael Altamira in Alicante. Click the link for the poster with the details.

Bulletin N.1 of LTRob

The first issue of the LTRob's bulletin is available, which can be downloaded from these pages.

Degree on Robotic Engineering

Information Daily published the news that the degree of Robotic begin teaching at the University of Alicante during 2015-16, thus this university will be the first Spanish university to teach this degree.

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