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Transversal Line of Robotics - IUII Actions


LTRob proposes different actions on specific axes, which, without being limited among them, must integrate at least the following actions during the year 2015:

  • Transversality axis : This axis aims to coordinate joint actions in such a way that the potentialities of the member groups of the LTRob can be improved, in order to be eligible for the competitive public projects with a greater critical mass and more ambitious. To this aim, a series of actions are established.
  • Axis of internationalization : The purpose is to improve the foreign relationships of the LTRob members, with the aim that, European and international projects can be achieved in the medium term. So, a number of actions to improve international contacts and publicize possibilities for members groups are taking into account.
  • Axis of promotion of Robotics in the society : The aim is to promote the social image of the UA, the IUII and members of the LTRob groups, in order to attract degree, Master and PhD students.
  • Transfer axis : Its purpose is to promote the transfer of the member groups through increasing their contracts with companies. The actions are aimed to publicize the potential of Robotics in all areas that the LTRob groups may contribute, as well as to advertise this potential in different productive sectors.
  • Spreading axis : The aim of this axis is to publicize activities and other actions related to the rest of the LTRob axis by different channels. To achieve these aim, different actions will be taken, whose funding can be done tthrough LTRob.



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