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 General Objectives of the Master's Programme:

  • To offer students higher specialized, theoretical and practical, systemic, conprehensive and interdisciplinary edcuation in Environmental Law, with a multipurpose functionality, susceptible to be be taken into account, both for the exercise of legal professions or related to the protection of environment, as well as for the scope of research activities.
  • To train researchers in the field of Environmental Law, by providing the required knowledge, encouragement and methodological tools.

General competences of the Programme:

  •  Dissemination of the main Institutions on Environmental Law and ability to apply it for the solution of real problems.
  • Ability to interrelate several fields of Environmental Law and solve legal-environmental issues.
  • Ability to analyze critically legislation and environmental case-law and to formulate judgements in this field, including reflections on the social, ethical responsibilities related to their application.
  • Ability to identify the work of jurists in the solution of environmental problems, to obtain, understand and appreciate the information and conclusions coming from other sciences (ecology, environmental economics, etc.) so that to integrate it within the legal analysis, and assess interdisciplinary work.
  • Ability to communicate the conclusions on legal-environmental issues, as well as the knowledge and the latest reasons supporting them, for both specialized and non-specialized audiences, in a clear way, with no ambiguities.
  • Possesion of learning abilities to keep on studying on legal-environmental issues autonomously and self-managed.
  • Control of the methodology and formal aspects of research works on legal-environmental topics.
  • Ability to draft in a clear, honest and systematic way a research work in the legal-environmental field.
  •  Sensitivity towards environmental problems from the position of ethics , based on the respect of fundamental rights.
  • Motivation for the participation in the continuous learning activities related to the protection of Environment.

Master's Programme in Environmental and Sustainable Development Law

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