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End of Master work

The work end of Master (TFM) is the culmination of the Master delight. With a workload of 12 ETCS, is original, independent and personal work that each student will perform under the guidance of a / tutor to allowing students to show in an integrated way the training content received and acquired competencies associated with the degree of master.

It is the applied synthesis of all the materials of the title. You must run on an individual basis and the / the student will have to choose one of the three that make up the contents of the master.

  • Theory, methods and techniques. It would deal with any topic related to introduction to development local and treated in the first subject (agencies of local development, cooperation between municipalities, organizations that promote local development, European projects and inter-territorial cooperation, intelligent territories, etc.). Also the topics related with the analysis of strategic planning, actors involved or methods of public participation and citizenship, among others. The bibliography given at the first two subjects to form a corpus theoretical or applied on the aspects dealt with in the same may be taken as reference.
  • Socio-economic activities and sustainable development. Respects to try would be the management of the territory and activities related to sustainable development, in all its facets, instrumental, normative, comprehensive, sectoral, etc. Agricultural activities and territorial implications. Cooperatives and rural development. Industrial and commercial activities or tourism activities and their implications with the territory.
  • Population, qualification and employment promotion. Research projects related to aspects socio-demographic, renovated needs and opportunities of employment (unemployed workers, retirees, young people, etc.). New sources of work, promotion of local resources, European projects, participation in disadvantaged areas and environments, etc.

Defended TFM

  • Course 2010/11
  • Course 2011/12
  • Course 2012/13

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