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Career opportunities

As a transversal and interdisciplinary master's degree, the career opportunities are very linked to tasks and work related not only to the local, rural development or socioterritorial agents, but also environmental, socio-economic and cultural consulting, tourist and activities planning in public entities, as well as in cooperation in regional and global development projects.

Ultimately the training is oriented towards future technicians in local development & territorial innovation management to meet the demands of public administrations and institutions private non-profit (foundations, non-governmental organizations, etc.):

  • Professionals who have mastered instruments and strategies towards the diversification of the productive fabric, the enhancement of endogenous resources and the generation of dynamics of sustainable development of the territory at different scales.
  • Professionals linked to conventional and social entrepreneurship, favoring instruments, information and case studies in order to strengthen processes of self-employment.
  • Socio-economic agents that have the ability to seek answers to the problems generated in a territory, on the basis of the productive nature of the same (rural, urban, industrial, service, tourism, etc.) and in accordance with the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the local culture.
  • Capable technicians search for opportunities offered by the territory, through instruments that generate local development processes (participation citizen, strategic planning, innovative and intelligent territories, solidarity projects, etc.).
  • Other career opportunities such as business management and the promotion of entrepreneurs, the management of the natural and cultural environment, communication and marketing of the territory through its strategic positioning.
  • Researchers in the field of local development and territorial innovation, with the possibility of giving continuity to the curriculum through the doctoral program in the Faculty of philosophy and letters.

Master Oficial en Desarrollo Local e Innovación Territorial

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