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The official master's degree in Local development and Territorial innovation aims to train, qualify and specialize to technicians and researchers on issues related to territorial development, the management of local resources, possible ways of funding and local and supra-local agencies involved in development processes. It aims to also introduce concepts and basic instruments that are necessary to establish a territorial diagnosis and (comprehensive or sectoral) actions that favour the development of a territory given depending on your specific needs. All combining lectures with classroom activities that promote interactive learning (workshops and round tables), reflection and analysis of different territorial and socio-economic contexts (urban, natural, rural, industrial, tourist, etc.). This is to facilitate processes and enhance projects also related to quantitative techniques, identification of new sources of employment, strategic planning, regional planning, analysis of dynamic demographic, etc. Also referred to activities outside the classroom, such as field trips mandatory for agencies, territorial managers and experiences (good practices) related to local development and territorial innovation.

The Master is divided into three large blocks, eight subjects (of 6 credits each) and the realization of the Master thesis (12 credits), amounting to a total of 60 credits. In this sense the end Master work (TFM) is a compulsory subject of 12 credits that has as main objective to demonstrate that students of the Master in Local development and Territorial innovation are able to apply the knowledge acquired after studying different subjects. To achieve this, we have the inestimable collaboration of supralocal entities and organizations linked to local development and territorial innovation. The disappearance, in the current curriculum, the PRACTICUM and the strong theoretical and applied character of the present official Master make it possible that applied part and the field work of the TFM can be in any institution or agency of local development.

Since the first year of the Master's degree, deemed appropriate to an outing of camp (5-6 days) to any significant area of the Spanish State for on-site experiences and technicians in local development, as well as contact with the capital of those Territories (politicians, businessmen, local action groups). The purpose is to identify good practice in local development and rational management of territorial resources and enrich the education of our students: "the things that we have to learn before you can do them, learn them making them" Aristotle ().

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