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According to the regulations of the University of Alicante (BOUA of December 20, 2012), you will need to access the official teachings of Master's degree:

  1. Be in possession of an official Spanish university title or other issued by an institution of higher education in the EHEA (European higher education area) that authorize in the exporting country of the title for access to Master's.
  2. Be in possession of a title of education SUPERIOR alien who is approved to the title that allows access to the requested studies.
  3. Be in possession of a university degree obtained in a university or centre of higher education in countries outside the EHEA, without prior approval from their studies. In this case we will take into account:
  • The non-homologated title requires a technical equivalence report issued by the University of Alicante (continuous - continuous training centre), for which the corresponding fee must be paid (%u20AC155,22 - information extracted of the Decree 107/2013, 26 July, 29 July 2013 DOCV).
  • Access by this route does not imply, in any case, the approval of the previous title that is in possession the / interested/to, nor its appreciation to other effects than the study the teachings of master's degree.

ADMISSION and assessment criteria

1 intake system

Academic and personal profile of preferred income would be, on the one hand, graduates that they are carrying out their work in companies or institutions of local development and territorial innovation; and, on the other hand, graduates of undergraduate degrees of the branch of social sciences more closely linked to local development and territorial innovation, such as geography, economics, management and business administration, tourism or sociology.

2. criteria of assessment

Only where the number of pre-registered students exceeds the number of places offered, then the master academic Committee shall baremar the candidates using the following system:


Maximum score

Academic record in priority undergraduate degrees

4 points

Academic record in other undergraduate degrees

2 points

Possession of post-graduate degrees or specialized courses in local development and innovation

2 points

Professional experience in the field of local development and territorial innovation

2 points

Personal interview

2 points

Non-priority students from Bachelor's degrees and to not credited prior professional activity in the field of local development and territorial innovation to be able to be admitted to the Master must have previously acquired a complementary training of 12 credits of geography and 12 credits of economics. If you have not completed their degrees of origin credits sufficient for these materials, outstanding exceed amounts may choose from among the range of subjects that the Coordinator of the Master will be selected each year in the geography and economy of the University of Alicante degrees degrees.


PRE-registration + info

The student interested in pursuing a Master in the UA, must be a pre-registration in the terms and conditions that are established annually.


Following the publication of the final lists of admitted will be sent email to admitted students a password which user ID to register via the Virtual Campus in the terms and conditions that are established annually.

In the registration procedure, the documents issued abroad must be official and duly legalized and translated, more information:


25 places for the academic year 2014 / 2015

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