Admission profile

The Master’s Degree in Applied Economics is aimed at graduates and Diploma holders in Economics or Business Administration and Management, or university graduates in economic, social and legal disciplines who wish to acquire specialised training in applied economics research.


Entrance requirements

According to the Regulations of the University of Alicante, the following requirements must be complied to have access to official taught Master’s degrees:

  1. To be in possession of a SPANISH OFFICIAL GRADUATE DEGREE CERTIFICATE or other issued by an institution of higher education  within the EHEA (European Higher Education) that enables the holder to have access  to Master’s degrees in the issuing.
  2. To be in possession of an officially approved  FOREIGN HIGHER EDUCATION DEGREE CERTIFICATE that had been recognised as equal to the degree that allows access to the requested studies.
  3. To be in possession of a UNIVERSITY DEGREE CERTIFICATE obtained in a University or Higher Education Institution of COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE EHEA, without the prior approval of their studies. In this case, the following should be considered:
    • Non- recognised degree certificates shall require a technical report showing an equivalence statement issued by the University of Alicante (ContinUA – Continuing Education Centre), for which the corresponding fee should be paid.
    • Access through this way does under no circumstances imply prior official approval of the holder’s degree certificate, nor its recognition for purposes other than studying a master's degree.


Admission criteria

Should demand exceed the number of places available, specific admission criteria will be applied based on the following scale:

Factors considered

Score out of 10

Previous studies. Degree/Diploma

Maximum of 5

Economics and/or Business Administration and Management


Tourism, Sociology, Labour Relations




Other Master’s Degrees

Maximum of 1

Academic record, average grade

Maximum of 3

Curriculum Vitae

Maximum of 1



Pre-registration and registration

Pre-registration +info

Students who intend to study for an officially recognised Master’s Degree at the UA should complete pre-enrolment in accordance with the guidelines and deadlines specified annually.

Pre-registration will be exclusively carried out online by filling in the form available for this purpose.

All the information regarding the admissions process can be found at the Applications Master's Degrees web page.

The results of the admissions process can be consulted by accessing the Status of applications.

Please note that you will need the reference number of your last pre- registration, which was sent to you in a confirmation email for this purpose.


Registration +info


Following publication of the final list of those admitted to the course, an email containing a user password will be sent to successful applicants, enabling them to enrol via the Campus Virtual in accordance with the guidelines and deadlines specified annually.

In the registration process, the documents issued abroad must be official, duly notorised and translated. Further information:



Number of places

2012-13 15
2013-14 15
2014-15 15
2015-16 15
2016-17 15
2017-18 15
2018-19 15
2019-20 15
2020-21 15


Credit recognition and transfer

El reconocimiento de créditos es la aceptación por una universidad de los créditos que, habiendo sido obtenidos en unas enseñanzas oficiales, en la misma u otra universidad, son computados en otras distintas a efectos de la obtención de un título oficial" (RD 1393/2007. Art. 6). Es decir, es la aceptación de asignaturas superadas en unos estudios universitarios cuando el estudiante accede a una nueva titulación.

Dentro de cada Memoria de los másteres se indican los criterios específicos. Serán objeto de reconocimiento en función de la similitud en carga lectiva, competencias y contenidos, respetándose las siguientes reglas:

  • Que el número de créditos sea, al menos, el 75% del número de créditos de las asignaturas por las que se quiere obtener el reconocimiento de créditos.
  • Que contengan, al menos, el 75% de los conocimientos de las asignaturas por las que se quiere obtener el reconocimiento de créditos.
  • Que confieran, al menos, 75% de las competencias de las asignaturas por las que se quiere obtener el reconocimiento de créditos.

En ningún caso, podrá ser objeto de reconocimiento el Trabajo Fin de Máster.

Los criterios que las universidades deben seguir para reconocer créditos están recogidos en la siguiente normativa de referencia