Curriculum by course type: compulsory and optional



Optional subjects and paths




Implementation schedule 

Timescale for implementation of the new Master’s Degree Course

The Degree presented for approval is an adaptation of a  Degree that has been taught for the past 5 years , maintaining the same name, the programme will be implemented, if approved, in 2010-2011,  

Equivalence Recognition Procedures, where appropriate, between the current and the new course programme

The new course programme includes all the modules taught on the previous Master’s Degree course, some of which have been summarised and restructured in new subject areas.  Given the high graduation rates and effectiveness of the present Degree, it is unlikely that current students will need to convert to the new course progamme in order to conclude their studies.  Should this need arise, however, the Master’s Degree Coordinating Committee will determine the subject area or areas which students will be required to take in order to graduate.

Studies that will be discontinued and replaced by the proposed Degree course

Not applicable.