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Master's degree in Penal Law System


Curriculum by course type: compulsory and optional



Optional subjects and paths




Implementation schedule 


Academic year



1st year


Equivalence Recognition Procedures, where appropriate, between the current and the new course programme.

A credit equivalence table was drawn up in the academic year 2009-2010, detailing credit equivalence between the doctorate programme in the criminal justice system and the Master’s Degree course presented here.  The aim of this credit equivalence scheme is to facilitate entry to the Master’s Degree both for those doctorate programme students who, of their own volition, wish to change to the Master’s progamme and for those who are obliged to do so by the discontinuation of the doctorate progamme (for example, students who have not completed the necessary taught credits before dicontinuation of the doctorate programme this academic year, or who have not completed the research credits at that point – academic year 2008-09).

In the case of students from other universities, the Degree Study Committee will examine credit equivalence individually, comparing the course programme from the corresponding unversity (taking into account the areas and subjects successfully completed) with that of the Master’s degree, and applying the credit equivalence table mentioned above.

Irrespective of the above, the Study Committee will ensure that students do not miss an academic year as a result of the credit equivalence procedure, as long as this would not contravene the criteria for teaching quality established by regulations of a higher order (Spanish Ministry of Education, University of Leida, etc.).  To this end, a transitional enrolment scheme will be implemented to facilitate credit equivalence procedures.

Studies that will be discontinued and replaced by the proposed Degree course:

Inter-University Doctorate Programme in the Criminal Justice System.