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Mobility Programmes

The UA Mobility Office is responsible for the management of both national and international programmes (DRAC, SICUE, ERASMUS, NON-EUROPEAN programmes, etc) with the aim of promoting the mobility of the university community.

International Mobility

If you are interested in travelling abroad to study in other countries, you are in the right place. Check our mobility programmes and contact the University of Alicante Mobility Office

  Erasmus+ Programme (Education)

University of Alicante’s students can complete part of their studies at European universities with which our university has exchange agreements signed under the Erasmus + Programme. These exchanges should be adapted to the students’ curricular profile and aimed at their academic recognition and achievement.

  Erasmus+ Programme (Training)

This programme is designed to meet the teaching and learning needs of all those involved in education and vocational training, as well as of the institutions and organisations providing such training actions.

  Global Mobility Map

Check out the more than 300 agreements of European and non-European mobility signed by the UA, for the students exchange.

for academic/research staff and administrative staff

The main goal of this programme is to support the international mobility of the University staff and promote relations of the University of Alicante (UA) with other centres and providers of education, research and, in general, academic activities.

  Global Mobility

Do you want to study at Non-European universities?
Non-European Mobility is aimed at undergraduate students.

National Mobility

The University of Alicante also encourages the mobility of its community nationwide as well as in-company internships through several programmes and initiatives.

(Exchange System among Spanish University Centres)

This programme is sponsored by the Spanish University Presidents Conference (CRUE), through which the University of Alicante’s students can complete part of their studies at another Spanish university, with guarantees of academic recognition and achievement, adapted to curricular profile.

SICUE mobility is aimed at undergraduate students.

  DRAC Programme

The DRAC Programme is intended to promote mobility for all university members of the institutions assigned to the Vives Network.

This programme provides funding to attend courses, seminars and conferences, to visit a service from another university, to start a research project, to study one subject or more in a different university, or to organise some cultural activities.

  GIPE's Work Placements Area

The Career Development Office (GIPE) focuses its activity on providing students with the chance of coordinating their studies with work practice as a first contact with the business world and thus complete their academic and professional training.

Do you want to study languages at UA?

A comprehensive range of language courses
Spanish courses for foreigners

Spanish courses are varied and tailored at your neeeds.

More information
Foreign language courses

The Alicante Language Centre was created in the summer of 1996 as an answer to the increasing demand of language courses.

More information 
Catalan courses A2 level for international students

The SLC offers this course of Catalan  A2 level that will give you the chance to know the Valencian and Catalan people's  language, and  also the most important contributions they made to our history and  culture (music, literature, architecture,...)

More information
Language grants

These language grants are intended to promote the learning of languages among UA students, especially those in their 1st and 2nd year.

More information
International Staff Training More information

Other services of the language programmes

The University of Alicante also offers a number of services in relation to the language programmes. Contact us for more information.

The University of Alicante offers you the chance to complete your studies in various languages.

Official exams

You may be interested to prepare an exam for:

  • Certify your language level.
  • Encourage yourself with a major challenge and the satisfaction of achieving it.
  • Improve your C.V. with certificates that prove your ability to use the language in an academic, professional or business setting.
Translation Service

For over 10 years, we have offered professional translation and interpreting services adapted to the university community, companies, institutions and private clients

We evaluate the requirements and possibilities of each project to provide customised attention and the solution that best meets their needs.